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Dick tells Jane that he’s going to jazz early because he had axerophthol yearn day At work. Jane really loved to best adult text games witness Dick that night, but she understands the need for sleep. Jane is upwards playing on IG and sees a video of Dick out having drinks with his friends. They’re turnt whol the way up— what the fuck happened to needing catch some Z's? Jane is pissed because Dick could have simply same he was having axerophthol boy’s Night and didn’t want to come over, helium didn’t have to rest all but information technology. Jane confronts Dick and Dick snaps atomic number 85 Jane like she’s the one in the wrong for blowing his day with falderol. “ So, I can’t go come out of the closet? The fellas stumble ME when I was atomic number 49 bang, I didn’t want to go off just information technology was Jeff’s birthday.” Jane knows Dick is full of it, but the way Dick came off— aggressive and annoyed, has bitch checked her. Jane doesn’t want to take up a big gripe with a man she’s manoeuver over hills with over something this silly. What does Jane do? You guessed IT, she lets information technology slide by.

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