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In superior general More teens employ their cell phones for talking than texting 67 But the boilers suit relative frequency with which cell phones ar secondhand for texting is higher indicating that those who do textual matter do adult games on paetron so with outstanding relative frequency Youth pass an average of 33 proceedings talk along their cell phones each day but AN average of 15 hours sending and receiving texts 30 This fits with statistics regarding the general universe of US cell call up users who ar more often sending text messages than making calls US Mobile users send off an average out of 357 texts per calendar month and work an average out of 204 calls 69 Teens make up the big majority of those using textual matter messages with youthfulness elderly 13-17 geezerhood sending or receiving well-nig 1742 text messages per month Increasingly cell phones ar also being old to access email and the Internet The number of persons who did sol daily hold out twelvemonth was just about 22 trillion 69 Cell phones ar as wel used to play games 17 minutesday among juvenility catch television content 15 minutesday and listen in to music 17 minutesday30 Indeed cell phones are becoming undistinguishable from the MP3 players owned and old past 74 per centum of teens 67

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